Mathews Grain Dryers Modernization

Superior combustion experience, unparalleled efficiencies, extended operational range, uncompromised safety

Specific burners with combustors MD-75...160-B-LCBurner models MD-75…MD-200-B-LC configured with combustors 

Before mod


2aPackaged burner is adapted to specific dryer model                                                                          

After mod


Mathews Grain Dryers Modernization

Mathews Grain Dryers Modernization

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Scientific fundamentals and research

Scientific article titled “The New Physical Interpretation of a Flame Front Thickness”, presented by Periflame’s Director of Engineering Iurii Kryzhanovskyi and is published in the “Journal of Energy and Power Sources”, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2014 in July 31, 2014

The new interpretation of the concept of the thickness of a normal flame front and interconnection between the flame front propagation rate, and the specific volume intensity of combustion was presented. Independence of specific volume intensity of combustion upon flow regime has been shown. The new interpretation of the Peclet number for flame was tested. Test results allow drawing a conclusion about existence of an ordered internal structure of a flame front and about new regularities. Researches of the laminar flame front structure for the purpose of its detailing have been made. The measurement of СО2 and NO concentrations and temperatures within a laminar flame front of methane-air mixture at various initial temperatures and excess-air factors has been fulfilled. There was revealed a necessary condition for existence of a self-spreading wave of reaction defined by view of a concentration profile. It was revealed hydrogen burns out as if it was in the free molecular state at burning of hydrocarbons. Explanation of these results demands improvement of a nowadays understanding of combustion process.

Novel Combustion Technology Overview

Microdiffusion Combustion Technology (MCT) Overview:

  • Microdiffusion combustion process enables achievement of the highest scientific echelon of burning
  • MCT provides flame-holders with a structural stabilization zone instead of disorderly mixing and turbulization
  • Advanced topological schemas eliminate the need for swirling vanes and other types of  turbulizers

What performance can you achieve together with MCT:

Increasing efficiency & fuel saving due to

  • Transparent flame over the entire capacity range with maximal convective heat transfer
  • Ecology-friendly, significant NOx and thermal pollution reduction
  • Low NOx emissions due to the utilization of proprietary fuel allocation and adjustable flame aeration methods

Ecology friendly providing lowest NOx and thermal pollutions

  • Low NOx emissions due to the complex of the unique microdiffusion method of the fuel allocation along with the adjustable flame aeration
  • Low level of thermal pollution over the entire capacity range due to a minimum possible air/fuel ratios

Safety, reliability & operational advantages

  • Minimum possible inlet gas (oil) pressure and any required air pressure difference
  • Optimal performance over the capacity range from 10 to 100%

Each burner undergoes rigorous testing and safety inspection

Recent shipments

  Dual-gas burners MD-700-2G are intended for pyrolisis gas and natural gas simultaneous or separate operation.

   Burners shown have two independent gas inlets and one air inlet.

 Periflame burners MD-700-G for steam generator.

  Natural gas burners with a round adjustable frontal nozzle for industrial thermal furnaces of different purposes.