Our Mission – To Help Our Customers Exceed Expectations.

By focusing on our customers’ needs, PeriFlame delivers industry-leading results that enable our clients to achieve their objectives.  Periflame’s products, designed by our experienced engineering department, reflect our commitment to excellence. Combining the best properties of diffusion and kinetic combustion, our microdiffusion burners are demonstrably superior to other type burners.  We design and optimize our burners and combustors to meet our clients’ requirements and we guarantee exceptional results.  Our customer-oriented approach and state-of-the-art technology make PeriFlame an attractive, innovative solution. 


We develop the best fuel-burning technology.

Basic researchers of combustion have been carried out

The optimum topological scheme for gas and liquid flameholders has been defined

Fuel feeding system has been improved extremally.


We guarantee the operational advantages of our burners in boilers and any purpose furnaces.

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