Novel Combustion Technology Overview

Microdiffusion Combustion Technology (MCT) Overview:

  • Microdiffusion combustion process enables achievement of the highest scientific echelon of burning
  • MCT provides flame-holders with a structural stabilization zone instead of disorderly mixing and turbulization
  • Advanced topological schemas eliminate the need for swirling vanes and other types of  turbulizers

What performance can you achieve together with MCT:

Increasing efficiency & fuel saving due to

  • Transparent flame over the entire capacity range with maximal convective heat transfer
  • Ecology-friendly, significant NOx and thermal pollution reduction
  • Low NOx emissions due to the utilization of proprietary fuel allocation and adjustable flame aeration methods

Ecology friendly providing lowest NOx and thermal pollutions

  • Low NOx emissions due to the complex of the unique microdiffusion method of the fuel allocation along with the adjustable flame aeration
  • Low level of thermal pollution over the entire capacity range due to a minimum possible air/fuel ratios

Safety, reliability & operational advantages

  • Minimum possible inlet gas (oil) pressure and any required air pressure difference
  • Optimal performance over the capacity range from 10 to 100%

Each burner undergoes rigorous testing and safety inspection

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