PeriFlame’s Heavy-Oil Burners product line

To address increasing market demands for Waste Oil Burners (WOB), PeriFlame offers patented Heavy-Oil Burners product line (MD-OW) tuned for unconventional fuel types.

PeriFlame understands challenges that come with Waste Oil Combustion.  Our patented MD-OHW product line alleviates our Customers of conventional challenges and addresses our Customer’s combustion needs.  (For additional info, see:  Advantages of MD-OW Burners)

In 2013, Periflame put into operation dozens of WOB in highly-developing European markets, to include,   Steam Boilers plants, Grain drying facilities, etc.

Brief overview of successful adaptation:

·         PeriFlame’s patented straight flow topological schema provides optimal concentration and temperature pattern of combustion zone, yielding complete combustion.

·         PeriFlame’s patented design of pneumatic atomizers allow burner’s adjustments to customer defined fuel types and burner application.
Advantages of MD-OHW Burners patented design:

·         Exclude all potential issues found with high pressure configurations.

o   Atomization quality doesn’t depend on fuel pressure and is determined only by atomizing air pressure.

·         Prevent nozzle clogging and carbon deposits on the burner’s frontal case.

·         Decrease fuel pressure to 2-4 bars (especially important for high-viscosity fuels).

·         Straight-flow burner schema allows using outlet burner nozzles of various cross-section configurations.


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